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Hair Extensions
VoMor Hair Extensions

Tape-in VoMor™ Hair Extensions

Premium quality hair extensions are 100% human hair and provide volume, thickness, and/or color to hair in need. They aligned to the AVEDA color wheel and are the perfect solution for fine, thin hair. Create beauty and confidence!


  • VoMor™ Hair extensions are tape-in and reusable. Reconditioning is recommended twice after the first application.

  • VoMor™ extensions are exclusively made from cuticle intact Remy hair, collected and manufactured in a humane manner, and packaged according to environmental guidelines.

  • Recommended wear is 6-8 weeks; extensions are to be applied and removed by a licensed stylist only.

  • Available colors: each length is available in 35 colors ranging from ash blonde to deep black.

  • Available lengths: 12, 16, and 20 inches.

  • VoMor™ extensions are safe and do not damage the hair. They are comfortable, natural, undetectable and fast to apply and remove (in-salon only).


VoMor™ Product Pricing

12" Extensions $192 per box (6 extensions per box)

16" Extensions $246 per box (6 extensions per box)

20" Extensions $350 per box (6 extensions per box)

16" Fashion Accent Color Extensions  $98 per box (4 extensions per box)

First installation design | $25 

Application* $50 | 30min per box

Removal, clarifying shampoo + blow out $75 | 45min

Individual Extension Replacement $25 |15min. 

  1. Prices are based on consultation​

  2. *Hair must be clean and dry prior to service.

  3. Maintenance appointments must be booked 6-8 weeks after install. Past that, additional fees may apply and your hair may become damaged.

  4. We only install, move up and/or color VoMor extensions.


Schedule a complimentary consultation to develop a plan for your dream hair. During  your consultation, your stylist will be able to determine proper pricing dependent on product needs for the desired result and the associated service for the application. 

Schedule a consultation with a certified VoMor™ stylist here.

Hair Extensions
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