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Modern Wave opened in November of 1992. Owner Dana Turskey teamed up with Aveda Corporation to open the first Aveda Concept Salon in the area. Currently celebrating our 31st year, attention to detail has become an understatement at our salon. We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service with an element of personalized care from the moment you enter our door. Our team is a representation of the strong foundation we have built. All members of our team work together to ensure that our guests have an exceptional experience at every visit with us.


We consider it our responsibility to stay in touch with the latest trends and techniques and our Aveda salon professionals are continually educated so you can be confident that your experience with us is everything you wanted and more. We feel that building a staff through apprenticeship is the best approach so that all of the stylists have the same core training and workmanship. Our spa professionals undergo regular training to stay informed of the latest advancements in body and skin care so they can expertly practice the art of healing, rejuvenating and refreshing the mind, body, and spirit.

Our full line of Aveda products allows you to re-create your salon/spa experience or look at home. Made with organic and natural pure flower and plant essences, Aveda products are non-toxic and proven to have powerful results. They nourish your skin, hair and senses with nature’s finest ingredients, while protecting and preserving our environment. Extended Aveda product knowledge enables us to customize the right choices for your needs.


We are proud to be an Aveda Concept Salon and Spa and uphold Aveda’s superior standards of environmental stewardship, plant-powered, sustainably-derived products, unmatched guest care and a holistic and nurturing environment.


"Our mission at Modern Wave is to provide you, our guest, with the ultimate salon and spa experience. We strive to continuously deliver exceptional customer service and product care that demonstrates our dedication to quality and high standards which is evident in every service we perform. Modern Wave Salon and Spa welcomes you to a place where beauty, comfort, knowledge and personal attention combine to create a memorable and rejuvenating experience."          



We invite you to come in and feel this experience.

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