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So you've done your research and you've already fell in love with us! Great! We can't wait to meet you!


When you're brand new to the Modern Wave family, we ask that you call or send us a text which will put you in touch with our customer care team. This way, we can make sure you have the VERY BEST experience possible! Our online booking is reserved exclusively for our returning guests. 


A 15min complimentary consultation is available for any of our salon and spa services, 7 days a week. Call or text to schedule 847-516-WAVE (9283)


All of our services are reserved and priced by the time that is required to complete the service, the complexity of the cut and color, and the price level of your service provider.  Our prices are not determined by age, gender or hair texture. Time based pricing is transparent. Pricing services on the length of a client’s hair helps create a reasonable expectation of cost and time in the chair. It takes more product to color or perm longer hair than shorter styles, and longer lengths often take more time to cut, wash, and style. 


Coloring is an art unto itself. Our highly educated team brings the foremost techniques to its work, personalizing color for you. A complimentary consultation is respectfully required for a new color client prior to appointment. This time allows the stylist to discuss desires and goals, assess hair texture and integrity, and describe available options. At that time we can establish an accurate amount of time to appoint and provide pricing.

Regrettably, we do not see new color clients without prior consultation.


New color clients who desire that their color services be provided the same-day as the consultation may possibly be accommodated, depending upon complexity of desired results. We will do our best to meet requests, but cannot always guarantee same day service.

New color clients, keratin smoothing treatments, formal styles, and/or services over 2-hours time, require a 50% non-refundable deposit (of the total services) to reserve an appointment. The deposit will be applied towards your service on the day of your appointment. 



Modern Wave will send you a confirmation reminder of your appointment prior to your scheduled appointment. However, in case we are unable to reach you, it is your responsibility to remember your appointment details to avoid any missed appointment fees.



  • We have a 24-hour cancellation policy on appointments of less than 2 hours.

  • We have a 48-hour cancellation policy on appointments of more than 2 hours.

  • In consideration of our other guests, and your service provider we ask that if you need to cancel an appointment please allow as much notice as possible. Any cancellations given within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment date and time, may be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the reserved service price.

  • ​No show guest will be responsible for 100% of the scheduled service/s cost as a cancellation fee.

  • If you book your appointment after the cancellation timeline, these polices are still in effect. 

  • Modern Wave will not issue a refund on your deposit if you do not show up on your scheduled date and time.


We will do our best to give accurate pricing and timing predictions on color changes and corrections. Please understand some service requests may take multiple visits.  

When you schedule an appointment with us, you are agreeing to these policies.

Our prices are transparent.

Our prices are fair.

Our prices are neutral.

Because hair has no gender! 

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