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Vegan Scalp Care

Introducing Aveda's Scalp Solutions Scalp Renewal Treatment – the ultimate solution for healthier, more beautiful hair. A healthy scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair, and this plant-powered treatment is designed to address scalp concerns and unlock the full potential of your locks. Experience the luxury, the expertise, and the rewards that await you.


The Power of Scalp Solutions:

Aveda's Scalp Solutions Scalp Renewal Treatment utilizes their exclusive professional products, formulated to work hand-in-hand with the Scalp Solutions Home Care System. This powerful combination optimizes scalp health and ensures stunning hair results. For the best results and to avoid any potential scalp irritation, we recommend scheduling the treatment separately from color services.


Addressing Specific Scalp Concerns:

Tailored to suit different scalp types, the Scalp Renewal Treatment offers a solution for every need. Dry scalps receive hydration and nourishment, while oily scalps receive a cooling treatment that can help control sebum. Each step of the treatment is designed to bring out the best in your scalp and promote overall wellness.


The Transformation Process:

Performed by Modern Wave's skilled professionals, the Scalp Renewal Treatment encompasses a meticulous, multi-step process:

  • Scalp Prep: Your stylist will start by using the scalp solutions stimulating scalp massager to gently massage your scalp, promoting relaxation and preparing the scalp for the treatment.

  • Exfoliating Scalp Treatment: Your stylist will apply the scalp treatment along each parting of your hair, using their fingers to distribute it with quick rubbing motions. This exfoliating treatment helps remove impurities and build-up from the scalp.

  • Scalp Mask and Hair Treatment: Next, your stylist will apply the Scalp Solutions Professional Balancing Scalp Mask to your entire scalp, using a hair color brush and working through one-inch partings. Additionally, they will apply an appropriate hair treatment product to nourish your hair.

  • Scalp Massage Techniques: Your stylist will perform various scalp massage techniques, such as slow, focused pressure for dry scalp or light, fast pressing for oily scalp. These massages help stimulate microcirculation and aid in product distribution.

  • Serum: Depending on your scalp concerns, your stylist will apply a professional serum. A hydrating serum will be used to improve scalp hydration for those with normal to dry scalp types. A purifying serum will be used to help control sebum and cool the scalp for those with normal to oily scalp types. The stylist will apply the Scalp Solutions Professional Hydrating Scalp Serum to your scalp, sectioning your hair and using two droppers along each parting. This serum provides deep hydration and nourishment to your scalp.

  • Closing Movement: To complete the treatment, the stylist will slide their palms and fingers from your front hairline to the crown, ensuring the serum is evenly distributed. They may also provide guidance on incorporating Aveda's scalp and hair care products into your daily routine.


Benefits of Scalp Renewal:

The Scalp Solutions Scalp Renewal Treatment offers numerous benefits for your scalp and hair. By eliminating impurities, increasing circulation, and nourishing deeply, it restores balance and combats premature scalp aging. Embrace vibrant, lustrous hair that shines with health, and bid farewell to dullness and damage. Beyond these health benefits, you can also expect your hair to look more vibrant and feel softer and smoother.


Excitement and Bonus Rewards:

Don't miss out on this exclusive offer! As a token of appreciation, Aveda Plus Rewards members can enjoy an exclusive bonus. Book the Scalp Solutions Scalp Renewal Treatment between July 1 and September 30, 2023, and receive 500 bonus points!

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